Eddie LeShure at WPVM FM
Eddie LeShure at WPVM FM

From November 23, 2015 until April 2, 2018, “A Mindful Emergence” radio show was hosted by Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner weekly on WPVM FM 103.7, an Asheville-based, non-profit, community radio station. In total, 116 programs were broadcast, all with wonderful guests and valuable content.

Each week, “A Mindful Emergence” provided an in-depth and informative look into addiction recovery, trauma relief and compassionate self-care, featuring conversations with specialists in the fields of mindfulness meditation, therapeutic movement, addiction treatment, post-traumatic stress disorder, and self-compassion therapies. The show presented the latest, evidence-based practices and treatments and how they can be integrated into daily life and ongoing challenges.

All of these programs were archived for the purpose of future listening, and you can enjoy them at your leisure. They are listed in reverse chronological order of broadcast dates. Feel free to share this link with others.

Radio Show Archives

Online Learning to Boost Recovery and Spiritual Emergence

Guest: Emma Bragdon
Date: 4/02/2018
Show: 116

Emma Bragdon

Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the Executive Director of Integrative Health for You (IMHU). She recently spent six years in Brazil participating in Spiritual Healing Centers and visiting Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals. She documented what she learned in several books and two documentary films. Emma is convinced that spirituality is a foundation of well-being, and the 26 plus presentations available on the IMHU website demonstrate to viewers how spiritual experiences (brought on by NDE, psychic opening, kundalini, etc.) can enhance wellness. An online directory of Spiritual Emergence Coaches certified by IMHU offers support to people integrating powerful spiritual experiences.

How Diet, Yoga, Meditation, and a Healthy Lifestyle Create Change

Guest: Elena Mansour
Date: 3/26/2018
Show: 115

Elena Mansour

Yoga teacher and life coach Elena Mansour first came to yoga in 2001, when she was searching for a way to become healthier and more at peace after the death of her mother. She is lifelong learner who has dealt with anxiety and depression. Towards that end, Elena has completed has completed three, 200-hour yoga teacher certifications and is currently working on her 1,000-yoga certification through the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She has also taken several trauma-informed yoga trainings and is a certified life coach through the Coach Training Institute. Elena teaches a gentle yoga and anxiety releasing yoga class at Asheville Community Yoga, as well as a trauma-informed yoga class to veterans at the VA hospital in Asheville. Elena is also available for private yoga sessions and life coaching.

The Growing Edge of NC Certified Peer Support

Guests: Kevin Mahoney and Sue Polston
Date: 3/19/2018
Show: 114

Sue Polston and Kevin Mahoney of Sunrise Community

Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness is the first peer staffed/managed organization in Western North Carolina, serving those in recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. “We help people navigate mental health systems, social and community reentry from incarceration. We have found that recovery can be successful by utilizing many different pathways. We are dedicated to helping each individual find the pathway that works best for them.” Kevin Mahoney is Executive Director, plus Wellness Recovery Action Plan and Moral Reconation Therapy certified peer, Veteran’s Peer Support certified (VET-X), SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery worker. Sue Polston is a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist and Respite Center Team Lead.

Motivational Interviewing: From Ambivalence to Lasting Change

Guest: Hillary Bolter
Date: 3/12/2018
Show: 113

Hillary Bolter

Hillary Bolter, LCSW, LCAS, graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work and is dually licensed by the NC Social Work Board as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and the NC Substance Abuse Professional Standards Board as a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor (LCAS). She has been a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 2011. Hillary splits her time between training individuals and organizations in MINT, and seeing clients in her private practice in Asheville. Motivational Interviewing is a conversation style that helps people connect more deeply to the change they need to make. It is a helpful skill to talk with clients about internal or external changes they want to make, including decreasing or quitting use of a substance, increasing health behaviors, considering the importance of giving space for grief, forgiveness, and mindfulness.

Therapy: Resourcing the Whole Self

Guests: Ezra Post and Lillian Woods
Date: 3/5/2018
Show: 112

Ezra Woods and Lillian Post

Ezra Post, MSW, LCSW, SEP is a licensed clinical social worker and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. He is founder and director of The True Self Healing Group, an association of psychotherapist healers, using integrative neurosciences to heal trauma and attachment wounding. Together with his colleagues, Ezra offers individual, family, couple, and group therapy, as well as Asheville’s only low-fee trauma clinic. Lillian Woods, RN, MSN is a Counseling Intern with the True Self Healing Low Fee Clinic. Lillian will be completing her Master’s degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University-Asheville in Clinical Mental Health Counseling this year. Through 20 years of clinical experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner, she realized the pervasiveness of mental health concerns.

Addiction and Recovery in Rock and Roll

Guest: Ricky Byrd
Date: 2/26/2018
Show: 111

Ricky Byrd and Joan Jett

Ricky Byrd has devoted himself to spreading the message of hope and possibilities through Rock and Roll. The mission of the Clean Getaway non-profit is to bring awareness, education, prevention and addiction resources to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction through the healing power of music. It does this through Concert Events, Music Outreach Sessions and Early Education and Prevention programs. As lead guitarist for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts for more than a decade, Byrd’s riffs propelled Jett’s best work, including “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” “Talkin’ Bout My Baby” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Byrd left the Blackhearts in 1993, a guitar slinger for hire, touring and recording with Roger Daltrey, Southside Johnny and Ian Hunter.

The Steady Collective: Promoting Wellness, Empowerment and Respect for People Using Drugs

Guests: Laura Eshelman and Michel Guicheney
Date: 2/19/2018
Show: 110

Laura Eshelman and Michel Guicheney

The Steady Collective is dedicated to promoting the wellness of people who use drugs through empowerment and respectful collaboration. Their goal is to improve overall community health by reducing the rate of drug overdose and the spread of infectious disease with education, advocacy, and direct services. Laura Eshelman is a board member of Steady Collective and passionate community activist in WNC. Michel Guicheney is a person in long term recovery born in France in 1959. He started using IV drugs at 19 while living in Paris with pure hell and chaos taking over the next 15 years. Michel has been in recovery since 2005.

Domestic Abuse: Surviving and Thriving

Guests: Christy Price and Danielle White
Date: 2/12/2018
Show: 109

Christy Price and Danielle White

Helpmate provides services to victims of domestic violence in Buncombe County, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. Christy Price is the Director of Outreach and Volunteer Programming at Helpmate, a non-profit domestic violence organization in Buncombe County. Christy has been on staff at Helpmate for over 14 years and works out of the Family Justice Center. Danielle White is a domestic abuse survivor who has pushed beyond the pain of abuse to help educate and shed light on domestic violence. Danielle is the proud mom of two intelligent boys, a female entrepreneur, salon owner, salon coach, mentor, and has served the Asheville community for more than two decades.

Combining Mindfulness and Movement to Build Resiliency

Guest: Dr. Sandy Newes
Date: 2/05/2018
Show: 108

Sandy Newes

Dr. Sandy Newes is a Psychologist in Asheville who specializes in working with people who struggle with anxiety, trauma, chronic stress, substance abuse, and self-regulation issues. Dr. Newes has been providing psychotherapy, neurofeedback, assessment, and training services for over 20 years, her primary focus being experiential and brain-based processes to help calm the nervous system and promote mindful resilience. She was involved for a number of years with wilderness therapy and other types of multimodal treatment programs and is currently in independent practice. Dr. Newes is a certified skills trainer in the Community Resilience Model (CRM), a wellness-oriented somatic skills-based model for self-regulation, and certified in the Trauma Resilience Model (TRM).

Addiction, Prevention, and Recovery Are All Closer Than You Think

Guest: Blake Fagan, MD
Date: 1/29/2018
Show: 107

Blake Fagan

Blake Fagan, MD, is the Chief Education Officer and a family physician at the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) in Asheville, NC. Dr. Fagan is also the medical director for MAHEC Family Health Center’s office-based opioid treatment program and chair of the WNC Substance Use Alliance’s committee on safe opioid prescribing and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). He has been practicing family medicine in Buncombe County for 19 years and sees patients of all ages including children. Dr. Fagan also provides prenatal care for pregnant women and delivers babies. Since 2014, Dr. Fagan has directed MAHEC’s opioid treatment program and delivered safe opioid prescribing and MAT education to thousands of healthcare providers and community members across the state.

Personal Narrative and the Subtle Body: From Victim to Co-Creator

Guest: Kristine Kaoverii Weber
Date: 1/22/2018
Show: 106

Kristine Kaoverii Weber

Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, eRYT500, presents workshops and trainings to yoga practitioners and healthcare professionals internationally. Kaoverii has trained extensively in a wide variety of yoga styles and in Chinese bodywork and homeopathy. She is the co-director of Subtle® Health, LLC, which provides holistic yoga-based trainings, education and services to enhance community health infrastructure. Kaoverii is deeply committed to the adoption of yoga as a strategy for public health and believes that the future of healthcare is integrative, with patient-centered care focusing on healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – in the context of community.

Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare: What They Don’t Know About Addiction

Guest: Lisa Boucher
Date: 1/15/2018
Show: 105

Lisa Boucher

Lisa Boucher is the author of the award-winning book, “Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture.” She has been featured or contributed to articles in Shape Magazine, The Epoch Times, The Fix, The Mighty, quoted in U.S. News & World Report, USA Radio and numerous PodCasts. After short stints where she trained polo horses, worked as a flight attendant, hairdresser, and bartender, Lisa revamped her life and settled in as a registered nurse. For the past 28 years, she has worked with hundreds of women to overcome alcoholism, live better lives and become better parents.

Saving Lives by Empowering Individuals to Prevent and Eradicate Addiction

Guests: William and Joann Jenkins
Date: 1/08/2018
Show: 104

William and Joann Jenkins

Founded in 2007, Families Against Narcotics is a grass-roots organization including families affected by addiction, concerned citizens, law enforcement, leaders in healthcare, education, business and religion, plus recovery addicts. William Jenkins is currently employed at Universal Mental Health Services as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. He is also a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor-R, and community volunteer at the NC Department of Public Services. Joann Jenkins has worked for 18 years in the Madison Co. school system as a teachers assistant, as well as in elementary, middle school and early college settings. She is invested in the lives of her students, often going above what is expected of a teachers assistant, having seen first-hand the effects alcohol and drug abuse on her student’s lives.

Creating Healthier Habits for a Lifetime of Wellness

Guests: Richard S. Schaffer, Jr. MD and Anastasia Bartlett
Date: 1/01/2018
Show: 103

Richard Schaffer and Anastasia Bartlett

Richard S. Schaffer, Jr. MD is a board-certified family physician who received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch and completed his family medicine residency at The Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA. Dr. Schaffer is the medical director and co-owner of multiple integrative practices in the greater Charlotte area which focus on preventative medicine, weight management, chronic pain, and regenerative medicine therapies. Anastasia Bartlett is a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher who runs her own wellness practice, Bartlett Wellness. Using her education and experience, she guides and motivates her clients to take responsibility for their own health and fitness to achieve lifelong success and become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves.

Recovering Personal Power Through Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Practices

Guest: Kim May
Date: 12/18/2017
Show: 102

Kim May

Kim May has spent the past 35 years assisting people interested in improving their minds, bodies and spiritual well-being. As a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, owner of her own business, author, speaker, empowerment workshop facilitator, and licensed Science of Mind Practitioner. Over 12 years sober, she leads Native American women’s lodge practices, and in all her work brings to the table a power mix of experience and wisdom gathered for her own personal growth, and to serve humanity. Kim’s passion is assisting people in regaining their innate power and the awareness that THEY are their own best advocate, as well as helping them tune into both the subtle messages that are constantly being offered by the body, as well as their intuition/personal guidance.