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“The Master Your Mind Meditation Course, by Giovanni Dienstmann, is a great opportunity to explore what meditation is all about. I’ve meditated for many years and sometimes feel as though I’ve hit a dry spell and need a refresher. Giovanni’s course completely re–energized my meditation practice.

Whether you’ve meditated before or you don’t know where to begin, this course takes you by the hand and gently offers you everything you need and want from a meditation experience. It’s not too much and it doesn’t take much time. The meditation practice you learn is easy to begin and maintain, and it provides more challenges as you go along.”Margaret Kirschner

The Teacher

Giovanni Dienstmann has practiced meditation daily, totaling over 6,500 hours currently. He has read hundreds of books, tried several different practices, and has spent much time on retreats with masters from around the world.

Throughout his life, he has invested energy, study and experimentation on optimizing his mental and emotional states. He focuses upon overcoming common limitations, especially those imposed by fear, attachment, and ignorance.

Giovanni is not a guru or a spiritual master. but rather a practitioner on the path, sharing powerful tools and insights. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned from him (and am still learning) to empower people to grow, live well, be happy and free from addictions of all kinds.

Giovanni Answers Questions about Meditation

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Meditation is different things for different people. For some people, it’s about a specific benefit (better health, performance, creativity, etc.), or about personal growth and healing. For others, it’s about spirituality, awakening, and transcendence.

Whatever motivates you to start meditating is good. Your goals may change over time.

That is actually a very good question, and one that many people have.

There are four essential points:

1.) JUST START. There is no preparation needed. You can start today. Choose a time of the day and a place in your home to do your meditation. Make any small changes you need to your schedule and lifestyle, so that this habit is encouraged and has its place. For example, setting up an alarm clock for the meditation time, or preparing a cushion and corner of the room for the practice.

Commit to practicing every day. Starting even with one minute per day is okay, so long as it’s every day.

2.) HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS. Expectation is the antithesis of meditation. If you learn to do meditation for meditation’s sake, its wonderful benefits will come to you in time (not in one week though).

Think of meditation like taking a shower, or sleeping. Simply something you need to do every day.

There are some results from meditation that are immediate. You immediately feel better, more at ease, after most practice sessions. Other results come in a few months – actually research shows that with daily meditation, even after 8 weeks you already have some noticeable results. And some deeper results may come as years pass by.

3.) DEPTH. Don’t worry about this until you have already built in the habit, otherwise you might end up being discouraged or building expectation.

But, in general, depth means to have the attitude, during the meditation session, that the object of meditation is the most important thing in your life.

At that moment, have the attitude that it’s the only thing that exists in the universe – your whole life. Meditate as if your head was on fire – that would get your full attention wouldn’t it? That type of attitude.

Yet, don’t worry about succeeding at it. Just keep building it. This is the practice.

4.) INTEGRATION. How to take the space you find during meditation and integrate it in your daily life? Well, one activity at a time.

Pick one new activity every week (like walking, eating, talking, dressing, etc.) and focus on bringing the meditation energy to that activity.

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