On our August 14th broadcast, Margaret and Eddie will be joined in our studio by Meta Commerse, CEO of Story Medicine Worldwide.

Meta CNative Chicagoan Meta Commerse is the daughter of Johari Amini, writer, teacher and leader in the Black Arts Movement of the ‘60s and ’70s, and of the late Paul Commerse, Jr., jazz composer and vocalist. She is an award-winning author of six books and one play, all focused on family violence prevention and healing. Meta earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Arts & Science, her Master of Arts degree in History, and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, all from Goddard College in Vermont. Meta is Certified Wellness Practitioner, independent scholar of history and English in Asheville, as well as a mother of three children and grandmother of three grandsons. Her first novel is entitled The Mending Time.