On the November 20th program, Eddie and Margaret will be joined by yoga instructor Jill Phoenix.

Jill Phoenix has been a Yoga practitioner since 1998, and in 2016 completed the Teacher Training program and became certified though Yoga Alliance. “My love for Yoga and Meditation and to share this with others is what drives me. I volunteer regularly, teaching three classes a week at Asheville Community Yoga, as well as teaching private classes. I truly believe in the power of connection to the breath through the physical and mental practice, and it can not only help soothe people suffering from trauma or addiction, but it has the power to heal. I am a prime example of the power of this practice, battling anorexia as a young teenager and overcoming body image issues into my adult life. I was the child of a schizophrenic and bipolar mother and was emancipated at 15, after living through a very traumatic and abusive childhood. I can truly attest that after discovering Yoga, my life drastically changed and it literally saved me, not only from the traumas of my early life, but through two divorces and the loss of my best friend, my dog Love, the only true family I had up to this point. Yoga is my true passion and to bring this gift to as many people as possible is my path.”