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A Mindful Emergence, founded by Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner, offers integrative wellness programs for individuals who are in recovery from addiction, from trauma, or who are suffering from major life stressors.

We offer classes, workshops, and private instruction that provide you with powerful tools to relieve distress, promote serenity, and enrich your daily life. Our integrative approach creates optimal well-being by addressing health on all levels: mental, emotional, and physical.

We also offer presentations to professionals, clinics, and businesses to enrich and expand the sources of help they offer their clients and employees.

Our Healing Approach

Full healing from past hurts requires attention to and care for every part of ourselves—our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. The wounds from pain and stress can live on in our muscles, sinews, and organs. They can affect the way we think and what we pay attention to. And they can shape what we value, hope for, and fear.

At A Mindful Emergence, we employ a multidisciplinary approach that recognizes the delicate interplay between psychological, emotional, and physical health. Our programs integrate the complementary practices of mindfulness meditation, therapeutic body work, and 12-Step recovery. Taken together, these practices promote full and transformative healing from the inside out.

By employing a focus that embraces mind, body, and spirit, the programs at A Mindful Emergence allow you to evolve and flourish instead of merely getting by.

Learn more about each disciplinary practice below.

Mindfulness Meditation

A definition of mindfulness: “focused, non-judgmental awareness of what is happening in the moment.” Mindfulness brings a kind, inquiring mind to the experiences that arise and pass in our daily life. Read more »

Therapeutic Movement

Therapeutic Movement is an evidence-based healing program of gentle, body-centered movement, designed to reclaim and revitalize bodies suffering from trauma, addiction, injury, or illness. Taught by a certified Yoga Therapist, Therapeutic Movement is an important element of an integrated recovery. Read more »

The 12-Step Model

There are very few places on the planet where you’ll find more honesty, courage, and support than in a 12-Step meeting. In these meetings, you can encounter others who have gone through the same challenges and now vividly demonstrate that recovery is absolutely possible. Read more »